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Beer Darts

The only way this drinking dart game will end is in heavy intoxication! Beer darts doesn’t require a dart board... just 3 darts, and as many beers as you want to make your opponent drink! A couple rounds of Beer Darts will have you seeing doubles. T-minus 10 to black out!

OBJECT: Make 3 other players shotgun/chug their beers!

how to beer darts2 Beer Darts

How to Play Beer Darts

2 Players stand between 10 and 20 feet apart, each placing an unopened can of beer at their feet (standing up or on its side). Each player takes a turn throwing 3 darts at the other player’s beer can. (While the other player is throwing get the HELL out of the way!) If a dart puts a hole in the other player’s beer can, that person drives the dart into the can and shotguns the beer, or can just chug the whole thing. You are OUT if you drink and a new player steps in. First player to get 3 people out wins!

Disclaimer: This site is intended for audiences of legal drinking age and for entertainment purposes only. Drink Responsibly. Don't drink and drive. Read the full disclaimer now!